Anne Bradstreet "My Dear Loving Husband

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Anne Bradstreet is from a Puritanism religion. At that time people were so strict especially when it comes to religion. The society in which she was leaving in, wanted her to stop writing poetry because they believe that “a woman’s role is to take care of her husband and the household”. In addition to that her voice and her writing style made her unique. Anne was rejected and criticizes by her community because she had chosen the path of poetry. As Puritanism she was not supposed to write poetry. People around her, see her as a woman who wants to play the role of the man. Her best work is the poem, well known as "contemplation” that poem was published in the 19th century. She was known as a very religious person. Anne Bradstreet uses poetry as a scapegoat to be freed from the idea that women shouldn’t be educated. Anne Bradstreet education gave her the opportunity to write about politics, theology, and religion. Like they said art is beautiful, in which a person can express all types of feelings such as love, sadness, a compassion etc…. Anne Bradstreet faced a tragedy that really affected her, in a way that she got inspired to write a poem called “And when I could no longer look, I blest His grace that gave and took, that laid my goods now in the dust.Yea, so it was, and so 'twas just. It was his own; it was not mine. Far be it that I should repine." That poem about her house that burned. In this she talks about her books that got burned. But she said that she bless God’s name because God was the one that gave her the ability and the knowledge to write those poems. She believe that these poems were for God, it‘s okay to take them back. In line (2) I blest His grace that gave and took .one could see that she uses a tone of respect and gratefulness in order to appreciate God even though that she lost all her poems in the fire incident. Line (5) It was his own; it was not mine. Here in this part it is a metaphor. One of the biggest achievements of Anne...
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