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Anne Bradstreet: an Early American Writer

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Anne Bradstreet: an Early American Writer

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Anne Bradstreet: An Early American Writer
Anne Bradstreet was America’s first noteworthy poet even though she was a woman. She was an intelligent, well-educated poet, wife, and mother, who contradicted almost all of the stereotypes about the stiff and cold Puritans. She used her talents to promote women’s rights, to describe life as a Puritan woman in colonial America and to let her husband and children know how much she loved them.

Anne was born in Northampton, England, to Thomas Dudley in 1612. At an early age she had the privilege to use the Earl of Lincoln’s extensive library where she was able to read the works of all types of authors, but her favorite were those of the “religious writings of the Puritan world” (Perkins 43). By the age of sixteen, she marries Simon Bradstreet and later ventures with her family to the Massachusetts Bay, where she begins her literary career with the loving support of her family.

In her writing you feel her belief that women in her society were treated unfairly. In “Prologue” she addresses the conflict and struggle of women during the colonial times. She expresses her opinion that gender is unimportant and that male dominance was wrong. As she writes, “Who says my hand a needle better fits” (Bradstreet 46), she states that the society believed that women are better as housewives and that women didn’t have the wits to write without the help of their men. With the publishing of her work she proves that the women of the colony times had talent.

Another poem written by Bradstreet included the religious aspects of a Puritan. In her poem, “Upon the Burning of Our House, July 10th 1666,” she writes about how God took all her possessions but she does neither cry nor morn for her losses. She also states “He might of all justly bereft, But yet sufficient for us left” (Bradstreet 52) which tells us that even though all is lost she will be able to survive without her possessions. The Puritans believe that all misfortunes are...

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