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Paper 1 Anne Bradstreet

During the time period of Anne Bradstreet, women were not considered very intelligent. They did not have a high role in society, and were often regarded with low respects. Most women would go with the flow and not think twice about changing the boundaries made. However, Anne Bradstreet’s personality leads her to separate from these societal thoughts, which is reflected in her poetry and stories. She was a mostly Puritan writer. The Puritan belief is based on virtues of hard work, discipline and living your life according to God. Many poems center in on her fight to accept the difficulty of the Puritan people. She praises God often in her work, but also voices her own view on things. She is also a feminist because she sticks up for women and their capabilities. These things make her not the typical Puritan writer of the time period. Bradstreet’s writing is not what I had expected to read coming from a “Puritan” in the 1600’s because of the feminism, her inner emotions, and her outspoken views. She was bothered by the thought that a woman's place was only in their home nurturing her family and husband's needs. Bradstreet shows her fury by proclaiming, “I am obnoxious to each carping tongue who says my hand a needle better fits…” (Ln 25-26) She obviously is not okay with the idea of women being second hand to men when they are just as equal. Other authors and the public criticized her writing thoroughly because it was from a woman. She is without a doubt a feminist, as any woman who wrote in this time.

Another example of her being outspoken and unexpected is the fact that she wrote about her love for her husband. Most writers were men and to have a woman even writing poems of their own was brave, but she took it further and chose to speak openly about her relationship. She describes how she feels to her husband, “If ever two were one, then surely we. If ever man were loved by wife,...
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