Anne Boleyn-Her Life and Downfall

Topics: Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII of England, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 19 (8079 words) Published: January 25, 2012
Anne Boleyn's life and conflicts-
historical background and the presentation in the film "the other Boleyn girl"

What caused her downfall?


| Titel | |
1.0 | Introduction | |
2.0 | Anne's life | |
2.1 | Youth and education | |
2.2 | At the court | |
2.3 | Queen of England | |
2.4 | Downfall and Execution | |
3.0 | Film "The other Boleyn Girl" | |
3.1 | Plot | |
3.2 | Analysis | |
3.3 | Special Feature: The birth order | |
3.4 | Cast and crew | |
3.5 | Settings: Location and release | |
3.6 | Scene analysis | |
3.7 | Comparison grid | |
3.8. | My personal review | |
4.0 | Relationships | |
4.1.1 | Anne and Mary: In the film | |
4.1.2 | Anne and Mary: In reality | |
4.2.1 | Anne and Henry: In the film | |
4.2.2 | Anne and Henry: In reality | |
4.3.1 | Henry and Mary: In the film | |
4.3.2 | Henry and Mary: In reality | |
5.0 | Conclusion of Anne's conflict:What caused her downfall? | |

Anne Boleyn:

Once there was a time between 1499 and 1507, somewhere in England , a girl was born. This girl was thought to be so insignificant and small, that nobody bothered to record the date, place or details of her birth. It was not until she was twelve that something at all was recorded about her. However, this girl was named Anne Boleyn, and even though she started small and powerless and destitute, she became one of the greatest influences on King Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn was one of the first non-royal women to become Queen of England, which caused quite a turmoil in those times. She was also the mother of Elizabeth I, one of the greatest monarchs in the history of England and of the world itself and a co-founder of the new English Church. In my opinion history is written by winners. Like any visionary Anne Boleyn lived on the success - as long she was successful. But also like all visionaries, she moved her life on thin ice. What she wanted to achieve and achieved, was not backed up by experience or role models. So far, there were always a risk, and ultimately she failed. Of course after her failure, her opponents tried to reinterpret her successes as the result of devilish machinations. In the end she was not the winner. Instead, she became the devilish witch who enchanted the king to disunite the English church. In the following I am going to consider Anne's life, always trying to understand why such a brilliant and well educated woman had to die so early. So the question I am asking here is,what caused her downfall? For that I will regard her life and the different relationships she had. So, I decided to do my paper on Anne Boleyn, because for me, she was an intelligent woman who "became one of the principal figures in a hideous melodrama, a corrupt and involute series of intrigues,in which the mores of her contemporaries are now difficult to assess" (S. 15, Hester W. Chapman, Anne Boleyn, London, 1974). It was not really her fault, that she, or possibly Henry VIII could not produce a male heir. I think Anne was neither a saint nor a devil,but she was a human being like everyone else with virtues and faults. That's probably why I admire her so much and tend to dislike critics who usually only see her faults. She was a modern woman in her own time and I bet if she lived in the 21st century she would have fit right in.

2.0 Anne's Biography:
2.1 Youth and Education:

The tradition says, that Anne Boleyn was born in the Henver castle in the Weald of Kent. (Eric Ives, The life and death of Anne Boleyn, London, 2004). Nevertheless most historians believe that...
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