Topics: Love, Marriage, Wife Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Chura and Marwe are two slave characters from a story who grew up in a village and as they got older fell in love.The only problem is that Chura was ugly and Marwe was gorgeous, and no one saw why Marwe loved him. But one day they were both asked to watch the crops and Marwe didn’t and knew she would be in trouble so jumped in the river knowing she couldn’t swim and was lead to the under world. Chura was sad because he knew she wouldn’t survive and so did Marwe. A few years went by and Chura was bought by a wealthy family and was forced to find a wife. Men while Marwa was living with an old lady feeling home sick. When she told the old lady what was wrong, the old lady said Marwe was finally ready to go to the village of the underworld. When Marwe got to the village a group of old men asked her a question,”What would you rather have first cold or hot”? Marwe thought long and hard about this question, and decided she would have cold first because after cold you can get warm, and with that she as granted wrist fulls of jewels and jems. At that time Chura was named Simba, and was in line to marry the prettiest woman in the village. As the woman went through a line full of men picking and choosing a guy that would be perfect for her she denied Chura. And at that time Marwe was told the only way she could go back to her village was that she had to marry a man named Simba, and at that time she did not know that was Chura.Finally Marwe was back in the village and both Chura and Marwa locked eyes, and hugged each other closely, and at that moment they talked and Marwe found out that Chura was named Simba and they got married, and fell in love all over again.
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