Annals of Labor: Nobodies, by Bowe

Topics: Slavery, Roman Empire, British Empire Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The article, Annals of Labor: Nobodies, by Bowe, discusses the current work situation for migrant workers. It details their pitiful salaries and their horrible living and working conditions. There have been cases brought to court about these migrant workers being held as slaves against their freewill in which the court ruled that slavery was indeed present. Therefore, although it is not the slavery we are accustomed to hearing about, slavery is still present in the US today, heavily midst the food production system. The US should take steps to eliminate this unfair practice and find a new way to provide food to our citizens.

The United States is considered a haven for those immigrants who consider traveling to it, but in many cases these immigrants enter our borders illegally and are deceived into a life of slavery. These workers live in vile conditions attempting to pay back the person who purchased them. In the article workers were told that the “bosses paid a thousand dollars for each of them,” and that they were to pay it back before they left or they would be severely punished. Treating anyone as though they are property is highly unethical and disgusting. This slave culture that is present in our agriculture system is extremely similar to the slavery seen in the Roman Empire as it grew. Tenant farming is similar in concept to what we are seeing in the US. The produce owners are allowing the workers to pay them back but they will never earn enough money to make a substantial dent in their debt.

The problem with this institution is not only its unethical nature but the fact that the US economy would suffer if we were to eliminate the practice. Who would farm our crops? No one wants to be in that situation and the companies do not want to pay their workers more than they have to. So, realistically, the only way for the US to eliminate the practice of slavery is to better enforce immigration policies and better protect our borders. If there were a...
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