Annabel Lee: Analysis

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Annabel Lee Creative Response

The untold story

Many of you will have undoubtedly read the chilling but somewhat exciting ‘Annabel Lee’ by Edgar Allan Poe. However, there is an untold story that lurks, an untold story about Annabel Lee that furiously expands on the original poem. This story is uncovered in the next few lines…

The story:
In an enormous kingdom by the sea, a kingdom filled with blooming flowers, filled with green pasture and chilling fountains, a maiden by the name of Annabel Lee sat silently. The waves lapped gently, for nothing could disturb her peaceful stature. The sky was a dark blue colour, so dark that the sea and the sky seemed to merge together. Her beautiful, blonde hair flapped in the wind, hair so light that even the gentlest breeze could lift. A tender smile etched on her face, she stared at the horizon, the sunlight reflecting her golden features. Birds crowed as if they were signifying another bright, wonderful day. Even the creatures that existed on the land seemed to marvel in her glorious presence.

A small boy crouched under a bush nearby, his huge, blue eyes fixated on Annabel. His dark brown hair merged perfectly with the crisp brown dirt. He sat there for hours everyday, so concentrated with his thoughts that thunder could not penetrate the mighty castle that was his mind, so concentrated that even the worms and bugs that existed below were envious of his constant concentration. It was impossible to determine exactly what thoughts he was conjuring up inside his brain; however, it was evident that he had thoughts about the fair maiden known as Annabel Lee. He would sit here every afternoon, gazing into the distance, the same distance that innocent Annabel Lee would sit.

One day, it seemed as if he had gathered up his wits, for he rushed down the smooth, green, gentle slope. He ran for a while, the distance between him and Annabel Lee growing ever closer. Suddenly, he stood behind her, breathless. His face,...
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