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  • Published : November 19, 2011
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Love is a beautiful feeling that a lot of people have felt. In the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe, Annabel has a lover that is deeply in love with her. Poe wrote this poem to all the people that just cant seem to explain the feelings they feel about a certain person. By writing this poem so descriptively Poe wanted the reader to feel the love he felt for the beautiful Annabel Lee. And to express the love he felt towards her.

Poe makes this Poem seem like a fairytale and so magical to express the love the speaker and Annabel both had for each other. For example, “many and many years ago” (l.1) is a metaphor for the fairytale saying of once upon a time. Some fairytales start with a happy ending and end with a sad ending. This is exactly how this poem is. It first starts off with how the love of the speaker and Annabel Lee was and ends with the tragic death of Annabel Lee. In addition, Poe uses this hyperbole to symbolize the fairytale theme of this poem, “love more than love” (l. 9). Only fairytales have this type of emotions, people are happily in love and nothing can separate them. According to the speaker they were deeply in love.

Poe also uses diction to describe how beautiful Annabel Lee was and how in love he was. For example, he describes the way Annabel Lee died, “angels…heaven.” By using the words angel and heaven, Poe is describing how sacred Annabel Lee was to him. By describing it further into detail Poe described how beautiful Annabel Lee was. Although he is jealous because the angels took her he knows that she will be safe with them.

Throughout the whole poem Poe uses repetition of the word love to emphasize that he truly loved her. He also says “But our love it was stronger by far than the love of those who were older than we.” At the beginning of the story it is said that they were young. Young kids don’t know what love is but older people do because they have had more experience. To say that there love is greater than the older...
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