Anna Quindlen: Evaluation

Topics: Law, Contract, Final examination Pages: 7 (1728 words) Published: February 26, 2013
TEXT/MATERIAL:Miller, Roger LeRoy, and Gaylord A. Jentz. Business Law Today: The Essentials. 9th ed. West, 2008 (ISBN 978-0-324-78615-6) (and other materials to be assigned or distributed during the semester)

OVERVIEW:In this course, we will examine the legal environment in which business operates, specifically reviewing the sources of law in the United States, how those laws are organized, implemented, developed, and interpreted. We will also examine how disputes are resolved and/or adjudicated through the legal system. We will examine the specific areas of criminal, tort, and contract law in the context of how they apply to American business.

EVALUATION:Students will be evaluated based on performance on in-class and out-of-class exercises, a mid-term exam and a final (non-cumulative) exam, as follows:

Mid-term exam 30%
Final exam (non-cumulative)40%
Assigned exercises30%

77-79.9C+ 0-59.9F

CLASS FORMAT:This course utilizes lectures, in-class exercises and in-class discussion on the various topics covered. Students are required to read the assigned materials ahead of the class period in which the materials will be discussed. Students are expected to participate in in-class discussions and in-class exercises.

ATTENDANCE:Students are expected to attend all class sessions except in cases of emergency (e.g., illness, death in family), religious holidays (the observance of which requires restriction of daily activity), or participation in official University functions (e.g., field trips or athletic events). In the case of absence for special personal reasons other than those mentioned above, it is the responsibility of the student to confer with the instructor as to whether the absence is to be excused. When determining whether or not to excuse the absence, the instructor may require documentary evidence. Unexcused absences will have a negative impact on your grade.


✓ Attendance and participation are essential. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL AND FUNCTIONAL.

✓ Instructions as to assignments and exams, as well as any modifications to the class schedule or reading assignments, will be announced during class meetings and/or emailed to the class. It is each student’s responsibility to provide an up-to-date email address and/or otherwise obtain any such information if class is missed.

✓ Work submitted late will be downgraded. Only in the event of a genuine emergency, fully and satisfactorily documented by the student, will any exception be considered.

✓ Spelling, grammar, punctuation and careless errors will affect the grades of written materials. Please proofread all work to avoid losing points unnecessarily.

✓ All written assignments must contain acknowledgment of reliance on outside sources for each point relied upon. The source of each quotation, statement, idea, assertion, theory or the like that is not the original product of the student must be documented in a footnote or endnote.

✓ Each student is expected to do his or her own work except for specified in-class exercises. Instances of suspected academic dishonesty will be reported to appropriate University officials. (Please see Special Note on Student Ethics below.)

✓ Each student should keep a copy (e.g., Word file) of each assignment handed in.

✓ There is no senior option.

✓ Any student with a disability who may need accommodations in this class must obtain an accommodation letter from Student Disability Services, 385 Garland, (410) 516-4720, No requests for special accommodations will be considered without such prior documentation and support.

✓ There will be no...
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