Anna Quindlen and Benjamin's Essay

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Need Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: May 2, 2013
These two texts criticize what people know in this world. And people just think what they achieve at the end. They usually ignore the process how they can achieve their success. The authors want to tell the readers that there are many things in this world which people don’t know. Anna Quindlen realized that she doesn’t know many things. Even though she wants to learn all of them, there isn’t enough time to learn it. These two texts want to tell us that we must appreciate everything that we get. We shouldn’t just proud for what people achieve but we also must appreciate how well they can achieve them. Actually these two texts tell about different case but they are still talking about knowledge of people. In Anna Quindlen’s essay, she talked about many things to know but there is limited time to learn them. In Benjamin’s essay, he talked about what people want to achieve and they ignore the process to achieve them. These two texts actually have different case but have the same idea about knowledge and what people want to learn. The idea in these two texts is about the way of thinking people for knowledge is different in certain age.

In Benjamin’s essay, he explains what actually people want to get. Usually people want to achieve money, position, and become successful. In this essay, Benjamin explains about the comparison between people aged 47 years old and people aged 17 years old. The author also mentions some points about the ability of young people and old people don’t have large significance different. Actually, what people aged 47 years old is also known by people aged 17 years old. Because people aged 47 years old teach our 17 years old what they know. So, it makes the knowledge between old people and young people same, it means people aged 47 years old aren’t smarter than people aged 17 years old.

The author also tells the reader about what people want to achieve. The author also criticizes the behavior of parents, parents always tell their children...
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