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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Biology Corrections
Question 1:
My answer: No answer
Correct answer: .. AGCAGCAGCAGC…
nnWhy it’s correct: Because once the frame is shifted, the mRNA sequence would code for the amino acids Why I got it wrong? I skipped the question and was planning to come back to it but ran out of time so I couldn’t answer it

Question 5:
My answer: The addition of a string of adenine nucleotides to the 3’ end of the RNA molecule Correct answer: The addition of methyl groups to certain nucleotides of the RNA molecule Why it’s correct: Because all of the others happen during RNA processing. Why I got it wrong? I got confused and mixed both of the answers up

Question 15:
My answer: To amplify genes
Correct answer: To separate proteins in a mixture
Why it’s correct: Because in a gel electrophoresis technique is mainly used to separate and stratify molecules, so separating proteins o a mixture would be an additional use of it. Why I got it wrong? I got confused between the answers and didn’t know what to choose, so I guessed.

Question 16:
My answer: Stimulate DNA replication
Correct answer: Visualize the fragments
Why it’s correct: The DNA fragments are labeled with P so that the scienetists can visualize the fragments in order to determine each fragment and see if they have an effect Why I got it wrong? I don’t really know why I got it wrong. I got confused and guessed what I thought was right.

Question 23:
My answer: A gene can exist in alternate forms called introns Correct answer: A gene can code for a specific protein
Why it’s correct: Because genes code for specific proteins Why I got it wrong? The answers were all very confusing and I thought what I chose was right.

Question 25:
My answer: Only the same endonuclease to cut plasmid
Correct answer: Ligase, some endonuclease to cut plasmid
Why it’s correct: because in order for the sticky ends to match, you would have to use the same endonuclease to cut the DNA sequence, and you would need ligase...