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By | June 2012
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Anna Freud was the youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud, one of the greatest known psychologists of the early twentieth century. She was very close to her father and read his books, attended his lectures, and totally immersed herself in his work. When Anna was an adolescent she underwent psychoanalysis conducted by her father. This analysis led to Anna publishing her first major writing, and she became a member of the Vienna Psychoanalytical Society. Anna continued to work and study with her father until his death. Shortly after his death, Anna opened the Hampstead war Nursery, which fostered children who were separated from their parents. At the nursery, she was able to observe children’s behaviors as they aged, perform analysis on them, and collect data regarding social and emotional development. These findings led to Anna Freud lecturing and teaching on the importance of child development.

The Life of Anna Freud
In the early 20th century many psychologists were interested in the theory of psychoanalysis. This is the concept that innate and irrational drives are largely unconscious, and that this unconscious material must be brought to the conscious in order to address any self destructive behavior. In other words, self awareness must be found if there is to be a positive outcome. Anna Freud made major contributions to the theory of psychoanalysis, and child psychoanalysis. Through her writings, teachings and observations she influenced many regarding the emotional development of children.

Anna Freud was born December 3 1895. She was the youngest child of the famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud. Anna was very close to her father, but had an estranged relationship with her mother and did not get along well with her siblings (psychology.about). The Freud family lived in Vienna, Austria, and Anna attended the Cottage Lyceum School. She also attended her father’s lectures on the weekends. From her writings she says that...

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