Anna and the King - Movie Log

Topics: The King and I, Marriage, Mongkut Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: May 21, 2011
Research: Living in another culture
Theme: Love Relationship in another culture

Title: Anna and The King
Director: Andy Tennant
Text type: Film
Entry Date: 9 April 2011

* Background: This story is about an English school teacher - Anna Leonowens came to Siam to teach princes and princesses. There, she met the King of Siam - King Mongkut whom everybody respected and was scared of. Not only had she changed his mind and his action, but also had changed the custom of this country. More important, an intense love was grown closer and closer between the King and the school teacher each passing day when they were together.

1. What crossing-culture problems did the main character face with when she was in a relationship? * King Mongkut thought he was God. He did not allow anyone to stand in front of him. He also believed that women were too weak and would never be equal to men. But Anna believed that she must be free to act accordance to her own culture, really showed courage and confidence in standing up to her right that there is nothing wrong in being different. She wore her own traditional clothes and she was not afraid to speak her mind. She did not think it was rude to stand in front of the king without touching her head to the ground. She said she was not the King’s servant but his guest. The King responded “The guest who is paid”. Her attitude did not satisfy him. * After the Anniversary dinner’s first Waltz, they became closer to each other, and one night after King Mongkut’s daughter death, they almost kissed each other when they found each other’s empathy. They wanted to move on but a lot of things prevented them to do that.

+The King had a lot of wives and a lot more children. He could marry as many wives as possible to have heir. But Anna was English and already had a husband - she was then a widow. England at that time did not allow anyone to remarriage.

+Anna’s critical position on: slavery within the Kingdom of Siam;...
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