Ann Hutchinson

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, American Revolutionary War, English-language films Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Thesis 1- Mary Jemison life was not ideal at times, taken by the Native Americas but she was not someone to give up, she later grew into the Native American lifestyle.

Thesis 2- Mary Jemison identity was taken right from her only to later discover that she grew into the Native American lifestyle, giving her a new identity.

Taken away from what she knew and went to a place of the unknown. Mary took this new lifestyle in but also wanted to remember what she knew best. Her identity was different then many during this time; she was a white woman in a Native American town. The Indians would now call her Dickewamiss, meaning pretty girl. The identity she had known herself as her whole life just changed in a split second. Mary now had a new identity and a new life. Compared to many she had it not hard at all, “but still, the recollection of my parents, my brothers and sisters, my home, and my own captivity, destroyed my happiness, and made me constantly solitary, lonesome and gloomy.”(75 Calloway) This new lifestyle would take time to be accustomed to but four summers and four winters later she grew into their mode of living and habits.

Mary Jemison’s anxiety was gone and she could now fully experience the Native American lifestyle. A Native American woman’s daily routine was not much different from a white woman; cooking, planting and hoeing. She has now taken the identity of a Native American woman, and she enjoys being with them. She allowed her identity to change within, becoming one of their sisters, becoming family. Mary could have just given up and hated all the people around her but instead she was forgiving towards all of them. Trust was very important during the Native American time, they hat to trust one another and also trust the men to keep them safe from outsiders. Native Americans lived their life in fear never knowing what was coming next. The Indians not wanting to be involved in the Revolutionary War were not at first but eventually were...
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