Ankle Taping: More Effective than Bracing

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Pros of Athletic Taping Vs. Bracing
There are numerous reasons why ankle taping is more effective than bracing. The use of Braces were originally thought to be very effective in preventing tears of joints, especially the knees. After more research, it was found that braces can actually cause increased stress load to the medial side of the knee as well as other parts of the knee. While bracing comes in basic sizes which can be very inconvenient. Braces are made specifically for one body part and for someone who needed support for multiple body parts, prices would really add up. Custom braces can cost up to one thousand dollars and are not usually readily on hand by athletic trainers. Braces are not as effective as newly wrapped tape. Also, braces are thicker which makes it more uncomfortable for the user. Before they are broken in they can cause bruises, blisters, and increased tenderness of the skin. Coming from an athlete’s point a view, inability or discomfort while running or moving could mean a loss during an important game. Braces are meant for long term use and if not cleaned properly after every use, they can become sweaty, smelly, and carry numerous types of bacteria. Athletic tape is more available and is usually one of the main things athletic trainers keep on hand during games and special events. Athletic tape is more customizable. Someone could use one roll of tape yet provide stability for several areas. Generally, the same types of tape are used for all body parts and there are different techniques used to allow for multiple uses. Unlike braces which have the main use of more stability; taping also gives you controlled range of motion. The use of athletic tape requires no time to “break it in” which is a huge disadvantage of new braces. Taping, if applied properly, shouldn’t cause any blisters. Comparing cleanliness, taping is a also a lot more sanitary. Athletic taping is generally used during spouts of activity and is not reused. When...
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