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My measure inspiration for choosing architecture as career was my dad and love for drawing as well as trigonometry and 3d geometry were my interesting topics .My Dad played a vital role of inspiration as we own a construction company Named as DivyaGUNI Construction. Right from the birth itself I have seen my father constructing the walls made up of bricks and cement to the big infrastructure, but there was always a man who used to guide my father that whether how will be the room and where will be stairs. So I want to be that man, an Architect – a person who designs the world according to his imagination and lives his work print and contribution to the society which is been applauded by the millions people. My work so far in the school life has been, rewarding, remarkable and inspiring, yet it has also allowed me to reflect upon my qualities. I need a tycoon career. Consequently, I am highly motivated to enter your university as I want to give a good excellent start to my Architectural Career by pursuing bachelor’s degree program and want to study diligently.

Now that I have a firm understanding of my basics school & high school education, I feel that I am prepared to begin with my next step of my career ,which is the pursuit of bachelors degree in architecture. I feel that it is important to build upon my previous training and education in a stimulating atmosphere full of diverse viewpoints and ideas. Your bachelors program is ideal for meeting my educational goals. The diverse and international student body, combined with the modern facilities and esteemed professors, can provide me with a cutting edge education that will prepare me for any challenges I may face in the future.
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