Anita Roddick

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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2. How do you evaluate Anita Roddick’s management philosophy and style? How important a contribution did she make to the creation of The Body Shop? How important is her role in its ongoing management?

Anita Roddick’s Management Philosophy & Style
The 4 basic management functions of Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling can be analyzed in detail for drawing a picture of Anita Roddick’s Management Philosophy for The Body Shop.

1. Planning
* First major obstacle since she didn’t know anything about the cosmetics industry or running a business * Sourcing products from around the world
2. Organizing
* Knowledge of finances was unknown and her husband Gordon Roddick helped her with this * Investor Ian McGlinn invested £4000 for the second store and gave him a 50% stake in business * Took on the responsibility of decision, communication, and information needed to project her company as a serious competitor 3. Leading

* Leadership was very direct and involved.
* She travelled extensively (2 to 4 months a year) to look for new ideas and inspiration for new product line introductions * Championed causes she believed in like rainforest protection (Brazil), homeless boys’ job creation (India), GreenPeace, Friends of Earth etc. and used the Body Shop store premises to promote these causes among employees, franchisees and customers. 4. Controlling

* Follows general administrative theory of Henry Fayol where everyone involved in the company shared/ was expected to share the same opinions as her (This later proved to be a problem since franchisees were concerned with getting an unwanted political image rather than concentrate on it’s core business) * Control was exercised very highly even over selection of potential franchisee owners (5000 at a time) through very personal and quirky questions during personal interviews

There are some common values that she propagates that...
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