Animism Existance

Topics: Ancient Egypt, God, Shinto Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: April 17, 2011
It is possible to prove that the Ancient Egyptians believed in the possession of a "soul" or animism. For example, the Ancient Egyptians had a name for "soul" (the ba), which artists depicted as a human-headed bird. The association of a bird to the soul is rather interesting in that, to the Ancient Egyptians, birds had a magical power that humans did not: flight. It has also been in very recent times that humans have been obsessed with flight: the Wright Brothers and others like them, for example. To the Egyptian, the ability of flight allowed birds to soar as high as the realm of the gods. Other winged creatures appearing in Egyptian religion include the scarab, the beetle connected with the rising sun and rebirth; the sun, an astral and ubiquitous image that signified life, among other things; and the falcon, a bird of prey whose image personified Ra, Hewer, Horus, and Horus of Edfu.

One can further conclude that the Ancient Egyptians believed in animism due to their worship of the tree (tree worship is a branch of animistic belief). One example of the significance of the tree in the Ancient Egyptian religion is its existence in the myth of the death of Osiris. In this tale, Osiris, after his brother Seth locked him in a chest and threw him out to sea, was wound inside the trunk of a tree, which provided a vessel for the dead ruler in which he could be reborn.

In Japan, Mi, Chi, and Tama, were kinds of natural gods. Those names indicate that Animism was an ancient religion in this country. It can even be found in recent history. Ancient history in the Kojiki and Manyoshu (8th century), state that there was a Sun God, a Moon God, a Mountain God and a Sea God. The Moon God's name was Tsukiyomi, which is the name of Susanoo's brother. He was born after their father, Izanagi, escaped from "The Land of the Dead." If the word Mikoto, or Kami, were attached to the name, the god was a very important one indeed. I have not included them, to save...
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