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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Do you love watching, reading and drawing anime? What have you learned by merely watching, reading and making some drawing? Have you ever thought of what may it could benefit you? If you don’t know, then let me tell you what it is all about. I am an expert in watching anime. Anime movies can be in different genre like comedy, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, school life, horror, slice of life or tragedy. My most favorite genre is the combination of comedy, romance, fantasy and tragedy. I really love watching anime because they catches my feelings and filled my heart with so many emotions that I only feel when I watch anime. Watching anime is entertaining, it makes me laugh a lot and takes away my boredom. It also can educate us by reflecting our life to the story. There are times while I am watching, I already know what was the next event that will happen or tell what the next speaker going to say. It was like I was able to predict it. Other than watching anime I also love reading anime comics. Whenever I read I feel like the drawings are already moving. Some comic books are actually very well written and have good engaging stories. It can be an enjoyment, learning, and appreciation. Many anime comic book centered stories advocate morals, acceptance and values which were we all to observe. Anyone who feels you cannot appreciate comics are sadly ignorant in the fact that you can benefit from everything and all experiences in life, provided you have the intelligence and common sense to understand what that may be. Lastly, I really love drawing and making anime. When I was a child I have nothing to play at and friends to play with that’s why I always draw to make myself happy and to ease my boredom and loneliness in making a drawing I was able to express my feelings, when I am in love I draw couples, when I’m lonely I draw sad faces and when I am happy I draw tons of funny anime faces. In other words, drawing is a form of visual expression. We...
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