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Venice c. florencio I-gladiola

Features if essay

In respect of essay there may be many questions in your mind as what the basic features of an essay are and how to write an effective essay. All of these questions can be answered by defining the essay properly along with its structure and types. It can be define as it is a certain type of writing that express personal ideas in a polite tone. As the definition is clearly pointing that it should be polite, this is one of its basic features. The writer has to follow a defined structure while writing the essay. The structure based on three major parts as introductory paragraph, body and a a paragraph for conclusion. The essay can be made clearer by defining its types as the definition essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays, narrative essays, evaluation essays and comparison and contrast essays. In all of these types of essays basic structure would be the same however the ideas and nature may be different. Before choosing any essay for writing the students are required understand all the types properly. In this way the student can write more appealing essays. In addition to the types definition and types of essay there are many other facts that can clear the features of this type of writing. As first and basic thing is fragmentary and polite tone; in addition to this feature the essays have fluency and continuity. The ideas are arranged in such a way that the reader can't leave it without studying till end; this is all about the fluency. The unity is also another feature of the essays; under this feature all the paragraphs are tied. The unity in all the paragraphs compel the writer to avoid the unnecessary and irrelevant details as these details can scatter the basic idea and reader can feel upset while reading the essay. Among the essay features informative is another reward that can be engaged with essays. The information is the basic thing but this information...
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