Animation in the 1920's

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  • Published : May 29, 2005
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Animation in the 1920's

As the science of technology rose into entertainment, not even Hollywood could compete with the new stars of animation. The first broadcast ever was in 1928 and the technology used for the broadcasts consisted of a turntable, which was solely used to be the base for the Felix the Cat figurine and propped him up for the shoot; studio lights, which helped transmit the picture and they also needed to be constant; an actor was needed and had to be impervious to heat, cheap, and also constant. In turn, the use of a Felix figurine was perfect for the job not only because of these reasons, but also because the picture was black and white, and Felix was a black and white cat. A scanning disk was also needed since it was the part of the equipment that actually made the broadcast, so was an electric kinescope receiver and a rotoscope. A rotoscope was needed to trace images of the characters on paper frame by frame and was invented by Max Fleischer in 1915. ( In the history of animation there were many directors and famous characters. The most famous of them were those of the 1920's. This includes Otto Messmer and his character Felix the Cat, Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, and finally Grim Natwick and his character Betty Boop.

Felix the Cat was created by Otto Messmer, but didn't start as a cartoon like i mentioned earlier on. Felix was first a 13" paper mache figure. His first appearance was as the first broadcast ever on television. When displayed on the screen Felix the 13" figure became Felix the 2" figure. His first broadcast lasted for two hours but he went on to become the official figure used in a decade of television experiments. When Felix made the transition into a cartoon he was drawn by the famous cartoonist, Pat Sullivan. In later years to come Joe Oriolo became his drafter and after Joe came his son Don Oriolo. Felix's cartoon was printed and enjoyed by all people in 250 different newspaper companies across the...
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