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Topics: 3D computer graphics, Emotion, Music video Pages: 3 (679 words) Published: April 21, 2013
IAT 343 – D104


ANIMATION ESSAY The two three-dimensional animated films that are chosen are Pocoyo animation shorts and a music video by Genki Rockets. I am using music video and short animation for comparison is because they are wonderful at sending messages within a short amount of duration. Also, I will be comparing the cinematic style and techniques of the animations. Pocoyo animations is originated in Spain and targeted towards pre-school children. Their videos often present a certain moral or “lesson” in them. In the animations, Pocoyo (the main character) and his friends often dance around and play. In an animation, physical actions and facial expressions brings audience into tense anticipation. The narrator talks throughout every episode and leads audience into the story. There are zero backdrops and environmental set design, which gives their targeted audience (pre-schoolers) a more room for endless imaginations on how the surroundings may look like depending their background. Hierarchical structures are within Pocoyo animation as some groups of 3D objects are more dominant than other ones. For example, some characters are smaller/further than other ones, and their body structures. This defines importance of the parentschildren relationships. Color creates mood; bright colors flatter children in a content way. The composition of each shot and scene help audience to understand the characters in the story and their actions; keep in mind that their targeted audience are preschoolers, therefore it is more about the storytelling, and compositions will not be complex. In this series, diverse camera views are being lacked. There is only one camera view throughout every episode. Therefore, emotions might not be able to present at its maximum potential. However, tilts and rolls is in there every now and then so it gives scene a stylized look that helps visualize the audience actions and scene tensions. Lighting is also on the...
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