Animals Testing for Medical Needs

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De’Anthony Fletcher
English 1020
Animals Testing for Medical Needs
Have you taken time out to think about your house pet and how much you love them? Considering that think of lab pets or animals that are used for testing products on and how they are being treated. Do you think it is necessary to test animals for medical needs or for products other than medicine? I strongly believe that animal testing for medical needs is necessary to some extent because it helps trying to find a cure such as HIV/AIDS and animals are a perfect match for testing than humans, but animal testing for things that doesn’t help to improve a product or benefit the health of society is not necessary. I also believe that it is ok for animal testing because animals are only used when they are indispensable. Some people may think otherwise that animal testing is not necessary because not all tests that are good on animals are good on humans. I believe that the testing on animals for medical needs is necessary because “testing on animals has helped develop vaccines for many life threatening diseases like Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis B, Polio, rabies, malaria, mumps and virus related to organ transplantation rejection” (Shandilya). As Shandilya states testing animals is helpful and necessary to find more vaccines and cures for diseases. Without the help of animal testing it would be hard for humans to come with cures and vaccines for

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diseases. If animals were never tested a lot of the vaccines that we have today would not exist. Testing the things on humans maybe dangerous because there could me major side effects if it doesn’t work, making it better to be tested on animals that are indispensable.

However, some people may think that testing on animals for medical needs is not necessary because they believe “that animal testing and research is completely based on false premises, that the results that are obtained from such experimentation cannot be...
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