Animals Should Not Be Used For Scientific Research

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  • Published : January 22, 2015
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Animals deserve to not be in pain.
Animals deserve to live their life freely.
Here are my reasons:
1. They didn't do anything to you.
2. Humans can find more things to test on.
3. They have nothing in common with us.
4. Why put them in pain when they didn't put us in pain? Its our fault that we get sick. 5, They don't hurt us when they get sick.
6. God created animals for a reason.
Animals should not be used for scientific research.
Animals have feelings just like humans. How would you feel if you got pricked by needles everyday? I understand that animals help us get better medicine but we can think of other things to use than hurting animals. Look into the eyes of one of your pets. What do you see? Trust. They trust in you that you will care for them and not hurt them. Imagine if you were in a lab with people you don't know and you don't know what they are going to do to you. I think humans should find other ways to figure science things out other than using and hurting animals. Animals have done nothing wrong to us and they deserve to be respected. I would never hurt an animal and the people who say yes should reconsider their opinion and think about the poor animals who have done nothing wrong to hurt us. I am against hurting animals for science. Animals deserve to not be hurt and not be killed. Just remember they haven't done anything to you and you shouldn't do anything to them.
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