Animals Should Be Used for Medical Research

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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Writing #3: Persuasion essay
“Animals Should be Used for Medical Research”
Li Xingyu /Lee
Written Communication Skills IV, section4-16
Conestoga college, Fall 2011
Instructor: Aga Wloczuk
Oct. 27th, 2011

Animals Should be Used for Medical Research
Will you kill animals in order to save the human beings? Nowadays, the issue of whether animals should be used for medical research or not causes a heated debate. Some people think using animals for medical research is positive, while many others think killing animals is unacceptable. I am in favor of the former. Animals should be used for medical purposes. First of all, there are no other resources for medical research. Secondly, even if we use the animals to do some researches, the animals may not die. Finally and most importantly, animals should be used for medical research if it can save people’s life.

Animals are the only resources for scientist to do medical research, because animals’ body system just like human beings in some ways. First of all, we cannot use alive or dead people for medical research. It is totally immoral and unacceptable. It is ridiculous to do some research on an individual. Moreover, animals have basically the same body system as we have. We can use animals to text the results of a particular new medicine. Also, using animals is the only way to do medical research; at least currently it is impossible to try a new medicine, which is going to be use on a human being, on plants or rocks. In conclusion, we have to use animals for medical research because there is no other alternative.

There is a huge number of animals on earth. It does not make a difference if we sacrifice some of them to do important medical researches. First of all, most scientists use white mouse to do medical research. As we all know, in some ways, mouse is nota good type of animals. Secondly, animals might not die in medical research. There is a large percentage of animals who can survive. Bases on animals we...
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