Animals: Mollie as a Burden

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- Mollie as a burden
As winter approaches, Mollie, becomes an increasing burden on Animal Farm: she arrives late for work, feigns injury in order to shirk her duties and generally behaves contrary to the tenets of Animalism. - Mollie spotted by Clover

One day, Clover spots Mollie at the boundary of Foxwood letting one of Mr. Pilkington’s men stroke her nose. On a hunch, Clover searches Mollie’s stall and finds gifts of ribbon and sugar from men associated with nearby farms. Mollie denies the accusation, but her embarrassment confirms that she is lying. - Disappears and afterwards found pulling a painted cart

In addition, three days later she disappears, lured away by a fat, red-faced man who stroked her coat and fed her sugar. Weeks after that, a pigeon spots Mollie pulling a man’s painted cart and enjoying it, while wearing a ribbon in her hair. - Mollie represents the Russia's former elite

Just as many of Russia’s former elite emigrated after the Russian Revolution because they refused to live under Communism, Mollie “emigrates” in order to avoid living under Animalism. Mollie, like this Russian elite-class, chooses comfortable slavery over less comfortable freedom, which makes all the other animals hate her. But later in this same chapter the other animals also choose comfortable slavery over less comfortable freedom. The fact that Mollie leaves only after the Battle of the Cowshed supports its representing the October Revolution. DURING THE COLD WINTER MONTHS

-meetings and rivalry between S. and N. due to their "burden" of making policy decision After the Battle of the Cowshed, during the cold winter months , since conditions are too harsh for farming, the animals hold many meetings in the big barn. The pigs award themselves the task or “burden” of making all policy decision, which the other animals only ratify , as they are the cleverest. This is an initial step of allowing the pigs to tighten their control over the populace just as the Bolsheviks did once the Revolution was complete- this causes some problems because of the rivalry between Snowball and Napoleon. By this, Orwell suggests that the pigs are gaining ground 1at a slow but steady rate. Class differences continue to take hold. The animals allow the pigs to take nearly absolute power. -Snowball and Napoleon continue their fervent debates.

Snowball is a leader who looks forward and considers the future of his nation, while Napoleon thinks only of the present, since his vision of the future is one in which he is in full control over animals who have no time for leisure activities. The windmill is at the center of Snowball’s and Napoleon’s fiercest debate. -Windmill project

Snowball designates a piece of land for a windmill, which will provide electricity for the heretofore-primitive farm. -Different opinions about the windmill
He uses Mr.Jones’s books and eventually concocts a scheme to build a windmill, with which the animals could generate electricity and automate many farming tasks, bringing new comforts to the animals’ lives. But building the windmill would entail much hard work and difficulty, and Napoleon contends that the animals should attend to their current needs rather than plan for a distant future. However, Snowball continues to work on his plans, and spends hours every day in a shed working on them, drawing them out on the wooden floor. All of the animals visit Snowball regularly in the shed to watch the plans grow into something that looks very complex and impressive. Only Napoleon holds back, and when he does come to inspect the plans, expresses his contempt by urinating on them because he is only concerned with establishing his totalitarian rule . At the debate on the windmill, Snowball argues that after it is built, the animals will only need to work three days a week, while Napoleon argues that "if they wasted time on the windmill they would all starve to death." - Animals take sides.

The animals take...
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