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Topics: Marine mammal park, Whale, Animal welfare Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Many people grow up taking trips as a family to the zoo, to the circus or to marine parks. Therefore, seeing animals being used for human entertainment is part of everyday life. But are the ways animals are treated in zoos, circuses and marine parks fair and humane, are the animals’ habitats small and dirty? Are animals forced to perform tricks that are harmful to them? Is using animals in entertainment really worth it? I am strongly against the use of animals in entertainment and in this essay I will explain why.

Animals are present in almost all of the circuses across our globe. Circus animals are kept in chains and cages behind the scenes of circuses, because they are often exotic and dangerous. When humans see tigers jumping through hoops of fire, or elephants dancing on their hind legs, we often forget to think of what is behind these unnatural acts. If you look closely you will see that most trainers in the ring carry whips or sticks, not a bag of treats. The animals used in circuses often perform their tricks, no matter how much it hurts or frightens them, because they remember the pain of the whip or stick hitting them when they didn’t perform their trick right.

There are over 1000 zoos across the world today. Over 45% of them mistreat their animals through keeping them in dirty environments, not feeding them correctly and by making them live in small, confined spaces. Many people think zoos are okay, because they are educational. We think that we can study animals in captivity, but the truth is that we can’t. Keeping animals in small enclosures doesn’t allow them to display natural behaviors. All people can learn from zoos, is where the animals can be found and what they eat.

There are many marine parks today, but the largest and wealthiest is SeaWorld. SeaWorld is a US chain of marine parks, aquariums and animal theme parks. SeaWorld Orlando is the largest marine park in the world, with over 5.8 million people visiting it each year and 20...
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