Animals in Danger

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List Of Animals In Danger|
Addax| African Elephant|
African Lion| American Marten|
Animals In Danger| Arabian Oryx|
Asian Otter| Bald Eagle|
Black Rhinoceros| Blue & Yellow Macaw|
Bottlenose Dolphin| Brazilian Tapir|
Bridled Nailtail Wallaby| Brown Grizzly Bear|
California Condor| Cassowary|
Cheetah| Commersons Dolphin|
Corncrake| Dalmatia Pelican|
Dugong| Eastern Cougar|
Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake| European Otter|
Fresh Water Crocodile| Galapagos Tortoise|
Giant Anteater| Giant Panda|
Golden Lion Tamarin| Gorilla|
Great White Shark| Greater Bilby|
Green Turtle| Grey Seal|
Grey Wolf| Humpback Whale|
Indian Elephant| Leatherback Turtle|
Mallee Fowl| Manatee|
Mountain Zebra| Northern Leopard Frog|
Orangutan| Pardel Lynx|
Peary Caribou| Polar Bear|
Pronghorn Antelope| Pygmy Hippopotamus|
Red Panda| Sea Otter|
Siberian Tiger| Snow Leopard|
Southern Right Whale| Spectacled Bear|
Spotted Tree Frog| Spur Thighed Tortoise|
Stellar Sea Lion| Three Toe Sloth|
Walrus| Wandering Albatross|
White Tailed Sea Eagle| Whooping Crane|
Wolverine| |
|  |

American Crocodile

* American crocodiles are about 12 feet long. They live on land and in shallow water, swamps, and marshes. * American crocodiles like to float in the water with only their eyes and nose above the surface. * American crocodiles eat mostly small animals, which they grab with their strong jaws and razor-sharp teeth. * American crocodiles lay eggs. They hide their eggs under twigs and leaves, or bury them in the sand. * Some crocodiles help their young hatch, then carry them to the water in their mouth.

Southern Florida, Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean islands 

Why It's Endangered
Overhunted for its hide
Habitat destruction

Gray Bat

* Gray bats only weigh up to half an ounce. Their wings measure about 1.5 inches across. * Gray bats live in colonies, or groups, in caves. The caves are usually found near a river or lake. * During the day, gray bats sleep. At night, they eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes or other pests in one hour. * Gray bats hang upsidedown to help digest their food.

* Gray bats hibernate, or sleep, in the cold winter months. * There are about 2 million bats, but their numbers are shrinking. Almost all gray bats hibernate in one of nine caves.

Most gray bats live in caves in Alabama, northern Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee. 

Why endangered? 
Loss of habitat
Use of pesticides to kill the insects they eat 

Peninsular Bighorn Sheep

* Bighorn sheep can weigh as much as 280 pounds and stand about 3 feet tall. * They live in dry, desert mountain ranges, near rocky cliffs. * Bighorn sheep eat grasses, twigs, and leaves.

* Male sheep are called rams and can be recognized by their huge, brown horns. The horns curl back over the ears, down, and up past the cheeks. * They live in herds, or groups. The male sheep with the biggest horns is usually in charge. Male horns can weigh as much as 30 pounds. * Males will use their massive horns to fight. The fights can last as long as 24 hours. * Females are called ewes. They are smaller than rams and have shorter, smaller horns.

Nevada and California to west Texas and south into Mexico

Why It's Endangered
Loss of habitat
Drought and disease 
California Condor

* Condors pair for life and breed once every two years, producing only one egg. * Condors roost, or sleep, in large groups. They "talk" to each other with hisses, growls, grunts, and body language. * From tip to tip, their wings can stretch up to 9 feet.

* Instead of flapping their wings, condors soar on wind currents. * Condors are scavengers, which means they eat animals that are already dead. But they don't rely on their sense of smell. They watch for...
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