Animals Can Communicate - Compare and Contrast Paper

Topics: Communication, Telepathy, Parapsychology Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: April 17, 2011
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11 March 2011
Animals Can Communicate
Animals communicate in many, many different ways. Everyone has communicated in some way with a dog by simply clapping one’s hands or simply whistling, but according to some, telepathically communicating with animals is a reality. Sonya Fitzpatrick makes a living communicating with animals, telepathically. She claims to communicate with animals through thoughts, feelings and desires where no known scientific laws exist to explain the phenomena. Others, question the ability for telepathic communication with animals, like Bryan Farha, a known skeptic and author of the essay, Stupid “Pet Psychic” Tricks: Crossing Over with Fifi and Fido on the Animal Planet Network. While everyone agrees communication via hand jesters, noise and sight communication exists between humans and animals, it ends there with regards to everyone’s belief on communicating with animals. After reading these two experts opinions on telepathic abilities, leaves one to wonder if some can truly telepathically communicate with animals. Sonya Fitzpatrick’s essay The Turtle Jean Lafitte: Adventures of a Pet Psychic definitely lends itself to making one believe that communicating with animals is not only a possibility but a reality. The story is quite compelling. Fitzpatrick is the host of the television show Pet Psychic which is aired on the cable channel, Animal Planet (76). She also has an ad featured on about her services of communicating with animals (172). Fitzpatrick believes she can hear what animals around her are thinking or trying to communicate. She also communicates with animals that have passed. Her passion is people’s pets. Her process includes asking the pets questions and then telepathically receives their responses, in turn she relays this information to the animal’s owner. She typically caries on a dialog between the animal and its owner. Sonya Fitzpatrick’s example from her friend’s...
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