Animals and Insects in the Grassland Plains

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  • Published : March 28, 2011
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Animals and Insects in the Grassland Plains
Grasslands are filled with animals and insects. When we talk about the list of grassland animals, we start from invertebrates like the different species of beetles, and end with large mammals like elephants.

Animals living in the North America may include prairie dog, coyote, grey wolf, red-tailed hawk, red fox, western meadowlark, prairie chicken, American toad, bison, badger, white tailed jackrabbit, prairie rattlesnake, pronghorn antelope, elk, tiger beetle, lady beetle, carrion beetle, monarch butterfly, black-tailed jackrabbit, burrowing owl, California condor, eastern cottontail, gopher snake, northern grass hopper mouse, and ground squirrels.

In different grasslands of the world support different animals, like in Africa, there are lions and cheetahs where there are none in North America. |South American Grassland Animals | |Armadillo |Puma |Jaguar |Geoffroy's Cat | |Llama |Opossum |Pampas deer |Greater Rhea |

|African Grassland Animals | |African bush elephant lCheetah |Ostrich |African lion | |Buffalo |Hippopotamus |Rhinoceros |Grevy's zebra | |Hyena |Vulture |Aardvark |Leopard | |Cape hunting dog |Wildebeest |African golden cat |Impala | |Giraffe |Hartebeest |Jackals |Mongoose |

|European Grassland Animals | |Corsac fox |Mongolian gerbil |Saiga antelope |Northern lynx | |Saker falcon...
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