Animals and Humans Shoul Be Treated with the Same Respect

Topics: Human, Logic, Thought Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: May 22, 2012
People believe animals should be treated just as well as humans for different reasons. Some people’s religion is built upon animal figures like Hinduism etc; others simply recognize the immense ways animals have contributed to humankind over the years, providing us with transportation, food, clothing, and companionship.

From this recognition comes appreciation for them, to a point at which animals are seen as our equals/or, at the very least, they deserve the same level of treatment/respect, and affection as we do. But perhaps the biggest reason people think animals should be treated with respect like humans is they see no reason NOT to treat them just as well. They can feel physical pain, they also suffer when they're neglected, abandoned, and abused. They too thrive on affection. People figure, why not treat them just as well as we should treat one another? There really is no logical or ethical argument for the inferior treatment of animals. Humans try to make humans out of animals, when they're completely different all together, but we believe in humanity and bestow upon our pets the same principals. People think that because of Babe, every little pig has a mind of its own and fears the chopping block. Having been raised on a farm, I know these things to be false.

Take horses for instance. Animals should be put in an environment close to what it would be in the wild, no heated barns they stay outside and don't put blankets on them they have a coat, the blanket stops the coat’s growth. In the wild they wouldn't have that. Animals have their instinct and they are smart enough to figure things out. I respect animals and I think people do need to realize what these wonderful animals have done for us. Abuse is another topic. If a horse kicks you I think you have a right to hit it back, in the wild that's what would happen, I am not saying beating the horse but you need to get the point across your the boss not them just like master and student, you show...
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