Animal Therapy

Topics: Therapy, Animal-assisted therapy, Human-animal interaction Pages: 4 (2791 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Animal Therapy
Patricia Durant
Western Governors University
Language and Communication: Research

August 22, 2012

Animal Therapy
Research indicates using animal therapy with maltreated, abused children and adults starts the healing process faster by helping them to open up, feel better about their selves, boost their self-esteem, improve their physical health, and in some cases changes hormone levels which decreases their inappropriate behavior.

* Phillips, A., & McQuarrie, D. (2008). Americane Humane. In A. Phillips, & D. McQuarrie (Eds.), Therapy Animals Supporting Kids (TASK) Program Manual (pp. 1-31). [Adobe reader pdf]. Retrieved from * Children that have been maltreated or abused in any way have trust issues. They act out with inappropriate behavior, are withdrawn, and have low self esteem. Most of these children without the proper therapy mirror behaviors learned when they become adults. * In the TASK manual the Arthur’s have done research studies with therapy animals and without therapy animals with maltreated and abused children in the foster care system. They have proved using therapy animals teaches children to share their secret feelings with the animal but not the humane. The animals in these studies have decreased a child’s stress in a high stress time. The child learns trust in the beginning of therapy when rapports are just starting to be established. * Phillip’s is a former assistant prosecutor from Michigan. She currently works National District Attorneys Association’s National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse and National child Protection Training Center. She is a national trainer and author of numerous child and animal welfare topics. From her experiences with children going through the court process she created the concept for the TASK Program. * Dianna McQuarrie is the director of the American Humane’s...
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