Animal Testing: a Preventable Inhumane Act

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Pages: 11 (4318 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Animal Testing: a preventable inhumane act

“In a world full of pain, someone is calling your name,
Why don’t we make it true, Maybe I, Maybe you

Maybe I, Maybe you, are just dreaming some times
But the world would be cold, without dreamers like you ”

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning, you can hear the birds sing and open the curtains to get a better view of the picture painted just outside your window. You are slowly getting ready for the day ahead, standing in front of the mirror, your make up supplies are spread on your make up table in front of you. What If I told you every piece of your make up supplies was made with torture and pain inflicted to h=those beautiful birds that were making your day even more energetic? We as humans have made many advancements in the evolution of research and technology, but it seems there is a missing piece in the midst of these advancements and that piece is moral and ethics. On daily basis we might not think too much about the degree of our unintentional support of such dilemmas, but when compiled on paper our conscience awakens and remind us of how can we be the cause of such agony towards animal that just like us, posses the same kinds of feelings and emotions. We have gained all this knowledge in the expense of helpless orphan piglets and baboons; and did not stop it at that; we even went further to test our products on these babies to ensure no harm would be afflicted to our children. Ranging from baby formulas, to school supplies, to make up item and denture liquids at every age we have had a reason to come across animal tested goods. These experiments started out, as brief experiments to better understand the anatomy of human being in 1000 B.C! Yes I know what you are thinking this is mind bugling, in his book “Animal Rights, Contemporary World Issues” Clifford J. Sherry dedicates an entire chapter called “Chronology” to this phenomena and gives details of this long battled ethical issue from early on that can be seen in Index I. For our purposes modern experiments started out, as brief experiments to better understand the anatomy of human being in 1957. Vaughan Manamy, in a chapter titled “A history of animal experimentation” of his book “Animal Experimentation, A Guide to the Issues” referring to tests done to determine functional differences between sensory nerves, motor nerves and tendons, touches base on early on experiments done by human and stated: “A Greek physician working in Rome, catalogued these early experiments, as well as conducting his own experiments. He described, for the firsts times, the complexities of cardiopulmonary system, and speculated on brain and spinal cord function. All such procedures were conducted without any anesthetic (which were not discovered until the mid-nineteenth century) and it is interesting to note the expression of his feelings during such experiments.” The fact is there is no law requiring our cosmetics to be tested on animal, however we still see it our god given right as human beings to come up with the most perfect coverage with least amount of sensitivity for our skin at the cost of cruel and merciless testing on helpless lab animal. Although PETA has always tried to fight the laws and regulations protecting this heartless act, companies have found ways to bypass their screams of humanity and done their notorious tests, two of which are the Draize (eye irritancy test) and the LD 50 (Lethal Dose 50). The Draize test is almost exclusively performed on cheaper animal such as the Florida white rabbit; during the test the poor rabbit that does not have tear glands to wash the chemical away is immobilized with his head protruding and a drop of the chemical is put on lower eye lid of one eye. We must keep in mind these chemical substances range anywhere from mascara, to shampoo and even various types of cleaners. During the process the rabbit’s eyes are kept open using a clip and the test is observed at 1, 24, 48, and...
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