Animal Testing Should be Banned. Essay

Topics: Experiment, Science, Stanford prison experiment Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: May 9, 2013
How many innocent animals have to be killed or hurt from experimenting before animal testing is banned? Studies have shown that at least 100 million rats and mice are being killed in laboratories every year (“Mice and Rats in Laboratories”). Every animal that is hurt is equal to one of three people in the U.S. These mice are used in a wide range of experiments from toxicology to depression (“Mice and Laboratories”). Cancer research, drug research, and psychological experiments are just a few of the ways animals are used (“Mice and Rats in Laboratories”). Animal testing is not accurate because humans and animals do not share dominant characteristics; so it should be banned.

Using animals to test human medicines are less effective than testing on humans. Animals and humans do not have the same characteristics. Some are the same, but they are not as strong as the humans. The way the experiments work on animals, may not work the same way on humans. Some medicine that humans are able to use some animals cannot use, because it kills them. Scientists can never accurately evaluate the test if the animal is dying during the experiment. Some drugs are called off market because of incorrect testing on animals. This shows that human and animal body react different to different substances. For example Penicillin can be used by humans but it kills mice (‘The Truth Behind Animal Testing”). Another example is Strychnine, which is a toxic chemical that is used to kills pesticides. This drug has little or no effect on monkeys but it kills humans (“The Truth Behind Animal Testing).

There are a great deal of responsibilities that come with animal testing. You must care for the animal as you would your own pet during the experiment. Caring for an animal is very expensive. Sometimes animal testing may occur more than once over the course of months which means the prices increase. Animal testing costs the American public over $136 billions annually (“The Human Cost of Animal...
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