Animal Testing Research Paper

Topics: Cosmetics, Animal testing, L'Oréal Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Animal Testing

Imagine Jill, a human, was born into a world where she can’t enjoy her life. She is constantly being tested on and tortured for the sake of other beings that she does not even know. They try to tell her that it’s beneficial to the people in the environment. However they’re gradually killing her by smearing poisonous wastes on her body, exposing her to toxic fumes, suffocating her, etc. Is it really beneficial? And who exactly is benefiting from her torture and death? That is what millions of animals go through each year so that women can use that new eye liner that they want so bad, or that brand new foundation that commercials say will make women look flawless. Before purchasing a product such as makeup, females should check the back to see if it has been tested on animals. Women should not buy Cosmetic products tested on animals because testing on animals is an outrage.

Women could argue that testing on animals is better than testing on humans, however testing on animals is hurting them when it’s not necessary. There are other methods of testing that would not require hurting animals or humans at all. Unfortunately, most companies put very little money into figuring out alternatives. They do that because they are not motivated to stop what they are doing. There are different alternatives to animal testing. There are things such as cell and tissue cultures (cosmetic testing). Also the technology we have today could replace animal testing, there are computerized structure activity relationship models. They could even take the corneas from human eye banks for test involving animal’s eyes. Using these other forms of testing would be more reliable, and more humane. Females could also argue that not all beauty product companies test on animals. Some beauty product companies have stopped testing on animals but there are still many that haven’t. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) they do not require cosmetic companies to test on...
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