Animal Testing Outline

Topics: Animal rights, Animal testing, Human Pages: 3 (610 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Animal Testing.
General Purpose: To persuade.
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that animal experimentation for the human profit is unethical and other alternatives should be found. Central Idea: Alternatives solutions are the best way to prevent animal testing cruelty and lawsuits. Introduction:

I.I have a riddle for the class: What was once pretty and bristly but becomes a bloody rotted mess? The answer to this riddle is an animal that has undergone experimentation. This wasn’t a bit funny but I needed for a sort of an eye-catching question in order to underline the unethical treatment of animals during chemical tests.

II.Currently I am a senior biologist and I know through my three years experience in research studies that animals are overly abused and treated none properly.

III.Animal experimentation, for the benefit human beings, is not only cruel, it is also useless; safer alternatives to animal testing should be kept today in order to preserve the beauty of the environment.

IV. Today, I will first discuss the cruel injustice of animals during history, then discuss the major ways of how research on animals is wrong, and finally persist on the solutions to animal testing by announcing the different alternatives.


I.The history of animal cruelty.
A.Animal cruelty during early history.
1.The 17th century debate: Animal has no reasoning as humans so they can suffer. 2.The vivisection started during this period.

B.Animal cruelty during modern history.
1.Animals in Cosmetic practice.
2.Animals in The Draize Test
3.Animals in the LD50 Test

II.The major ways that describes animal’s cruelty.
A.The first major way is the excess abuse of animals.
1.Animals are injected with toxic chemicals
2.HTPS test that describe the status of the animal: animals could be reused for other tests? 3.Radioactive materials injected in animals.
4.Electric shock used to train dogs.

B.The second major way is the...
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