Animal Testing Is the Only Way

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  • Published : November 28, 2007
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If a person were to look around and observe the environment in which they live, most likely they will see a world made by humans for humans. This is no accident, human beings as individuals are the most powerful thinking machines on this planet. As an organization, human beings are the most powerful creative force the world has ever known. To think that human kind sprung off from animals is debatable but undoubtedly true. In fact, modern day chimps have 99 percent of their genetic makeup in common with humans. In a world that is so dependent on human life it is quite understandable to sacrifice the lives of animals, as test subjects, to save and safeguard the lives of human beings. Animal testing is a process by which researches us live animals to experiment on in a controlled manner. This process helps to predict what affects certain substances and materials will have on human beings. Animal testing protects many human beings from minor discomforts' to death. It is also is more economical than alternatives, and does not hurt the overall populations of animal species.

"Animal testing saves human lives", says Albert, one of the leading researchers for the polio vaccine. It helps researchers to understand the effects of certain diseases and viruses on the body to such a degree that scientists can engineer a vaccine or antidote that directly combats the problem. Albert admits that it takes many animal lives to find and create a cure, which leads some to think that these animals are being tortured, but there lives will save countless human beings in the future. So animal testing is not torture because it has a precise purpose. Causing unnecessary harm is immoral, but researching diseases on animals is necessary for the good of human kind. The Polio vaccine is a stunning example of this to the extent that people of today do not even remember how deadly Polio was. Without animal testing, Polio would still be claiming numerous lives every year....
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