Animal Testing in Cosmetic Industry and in the Name of Scientific Advancement Are Not Only Inhumane but Also Flawed Morally

Topics: Animal testing, Testing cosmetics on animals, Animal rights Pages: 5 (1568 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Animal testing in cosmetic industry and in the name of scientific advancement are not only inhumane but also flawed morally

Animal testing is the use of live animals for the process of scientific experimentation. This is a common practice in cosmetic industry. Animal testing also called as animal experimentation, animal research and in vivo testing. However, the scientists are more prefer and typically to use the term of “animal experimentation”. The earliest references to animal testing were found in the writings of the Greeks in the 2nd and 4th centuries BCE. Worldwide it is estimated that around 50 to 100 million of vertebrate animals are used in experiments annually, which is including an animal testing in cosmetic industry. The global figures for animal testing show that the rats and mice are often used in animal testing because they multiply rapidly and low cost. Not only that, even others vertebrate and invertebrates also used as animal testing, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, birds and other else. This animal testing brings a lot of useful information to human which gave them benefits, but as the experimentation on animals increased, so too criticism and controversy.

As we know, animal testing is a continually issue that often raised and also has said by the most community around the world. Some people argue that before the products are used on human being, they should be tested on animals first. Others argue that testing any type of product on animals not only inhumane but also flawed morally. They also said that it is ineffective as there is no way to prove animals react in the same way human would. We focus on animal testing in cosmetic industry. Animal testing has been used for thousands of years in cosmetic industry. That is why animal testing is the most precious treasure in cosmetics manufacturing. The cosmetic products used on animals to determine how safe and effective the product for humans and the environment before being used by the user. This action is absolutely cruel because animals become victims of human interests. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to avoid this from happen for the moment because sometimes animal testing provides the only alternative to human testing. Animal testing give more benefit to humans.

When talking about animal testing in cosmetic industry, it should not be allowed for cosmetic testing. It should only be allowed if the animals are used for medical testing, such as medicines. Many of the medicines we have today were developed because of animal testing, which is used to save humans life and saves animal lives too. However, compare to cosmetic testing on animals, animal testing for cosmetics look more cruel and selfish nature. It is a matter that can be avoided and not necessary because cosmetic is just a product that human wants to look beautiful, to look better and to fulfil their desire. There are several reasons why in the name of scientific advancement an animal testing in cosmetic industry not only inhumane but also flawed morally.

First of all, to test cosmetic products on animals, many innocent animals are needed to be used as the test material and it is also consuming a lot of cost. Every year, it is estimated that millions of animals has been used. Now, it’s thousands of years, so can you imagine how many animals were used for the cosmetic testing? It might be around billions of animals has been used. This shows that humans become a person who has no feeling towards animals. Animals were sacrificed just to prove that cosmetic products are safe for use by consumers, whereas for cosmetic testing there are other way or alternatives that can be use besides using it on animals. The example of alternative is use a synthetic skin called Corrositex. It can be used to chemicals and chemical mixtures, which is corrosiveness when applied to skin. This test is designed to replace the rabbit testing of...
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