Animal Testing - Experimentation

Topics: Animal testing, Testing cosmetics on animals, Animal rights Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Animal Experimentation
Every year, tens of thousands of people need life-saving medicines and powerful drugs to ease pain. Without testing on animals, we would not paracetamol, calpol, inhalers or cancer treatments. Despite these amazing benefits, some people argue that animal testing should be banned due to alleged animal cruelty. This essay will thoroughly explore the positive and negative aspects of animal testing. Plenty of medical treatments and beneficial procedures have taken place from testing on animals. Humans and animals share many of the same features, so scientists find it best to test the safety and effects of newly made drugs on animals, before testing it on a small group of patients. Operating techniques are also practiced on small animals to perfect the life-saving operations that us humans receive on a daily basis. If we weren’t to use animals for testing, many of the medicines and procedures given would be dangerously unsafe. Although these tests are essential, some people have strong feelings towards the animals’ welfare and safety. They believe that with today’s modern society, amazing technology and the widespread range of knowledge that us human beings have got, animal testing does not have to be used on every single new drug. Also, the same people are concerned that, despite the suffering of animals, certain drugs are pulled out of the market making it ineffective to use the creatures. They feel that for particular luxuries such as soap, shampoo, body creams, moisturiser and cosmetics animal testing should not be used. Furthermore, certain individuals would be pleased to see more human knowledge and the use of today’s advanced technology objects used more effectively, to save animals. However, in today’s economy animal testing becomes more effective due to the cheap equipment and food used. To test on humans, scientists would have to pay a certain amount of money to the patient, and luxuries would have to be provided whilst humans were...
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