Animal Testing

Topics: Animal testing, Testing cosmetics on animals, The Animals Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Stop the harming of Animals!
Has it ever occurred to you what animals need to go through just for animal testing? Imagine yourself using makeup then all of a sudden you remember that animals are suffering because of you, just do you can look beautiful! Don’t you feel bad and guilty that they die every day? Animal testing should stop right now because, of its high cost, It’s harmfulness, and is unnecessary.

First of all, testing products on animals is harmful for them. This is harmful because, they are always hurt when the scientists are testing many things on them. For example, “The stress, sterility, and boredom cause some animals to develop neurotic behaviors such incessantly spinning in circles. Rocking back and forth and even pulling their own hair and biting their own skin,” says the website Peta. This quote shows that not only are they harmed, but have to suffer every single time when they are tested!

Secondly, animal testing should be banned because of its high cost. Laboratories charge so much money just to test animals. For example, “Animals must be fed, household, cared for, and be treated with drugs or a similar experimental substance. The controlled environment is important, but it comes with a high cost,” says the website About Animal Testing. This means that testing on animals is pointless. Laboratories always spend money that is not even worth testing for. According to the website About Animal Testing, “Animal testing may occur more than once and over the course of a month, which means additional costs are incurred.” In other words, animals testing is too much money to be wasting, because why waste money to test animals, if some experiments come out to be failure! These quotes simply mean that testing on animals costs a lot of money and it’s not worth it.

Thirdly, animal testing is unnecessary because animals shouldn’t deserve to die. Animal Experimentation: Cruel and unnecessary claims that “Not only are results obtained from animal...
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