Animal Testing

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Pages: 6 (2190 words) Published: March 21, 2013
What I already knew
“In America alone there are 360 million pets in peoples house holds.” The average family has four people and at least one pet living in a house. Animals are taken in as a family member and not as just some creature. They are loved and cared for by most Americans. Animals have feelings and rights just like humans do. So when Animals are treated harshly they feel pain and suffering just as much as humans can. What I already know is that testing on defenseless animals is in humane. Animals have feelings and rights just like humans do. When being tested most animals are put in danger, treated lousy and are even killed. Scientists go as far as torturing animals just to get a meager quantity of information. Animals should not have to suffer especially when studies show that 70% of the time scientists find little to no data from the experiment that they just conducted.

What I want to know
I need to know more about how animals are affected by medical experimentations? Is there other ways to experiment and research information without the use of harming animals? I would also like to know what could be done to help the animals and prevent the harming of animal subjects. What are the scientists doing to the animals being tested and why? With the list of questions I made above I was able to form a research question: What are the alternatives to using animals in medical and non-medical experimentations? Later, I was able to answer all my questions and my research question.

The Search
My search took about three to four weeks. I began with using the time in class to search on Google when using the laptops. Once I found some dependable websites I began to ask myself what I would need to help me with my research. About the first week of having this assignment I went to the Flagler Public Library and searched for books based on Animal Rights, Animal Welfare and Animal Testing. After finding only one useable book the next day I went to the media center in Matanzas high school and searched for the same books. I had better luck in the media center and used those books for both my quotes and research. One book that was helpful was titled “The Animal Right Movement” written by author Kelly Wand. The book explained the difference of animal welfare and anti- animal testing. The book also gave full detail on how animals are used as test subjects in scientific experiments and how over two million people protest every year to try and band animal testing. Another book that I found in the library was “ Using Animals For Research” written by the company Greenhouse Press. With explanations on how people can help animals they also explain how experimenting defenseless animals is not just cruel but inhumane. Further more the book gave examples on how people can help save animals by finding a new way to learn scientific evidence without the harming of animal subjects. After finding beneficial books as resources to my research paper, I then continued to use search engines to hopefully uncover constructive information. While searching the Internet for useful information I came upon a very helpful website “Humane Society of the U.S.” There was an article on animal testing. The article informed readers about laboratories and university’s using animals for testing and what type of animals the labs and universities are testing on. Around two weeks of searching, I successfully found beneficial information about animal testing. Yet, I still felt that I could learn more so I emailed Yvonne Presley who volunteers at the Flagler County Humane Society and asked her some questions.

I decided to interview Yvonne Presley who is an animal lover and volunteers at the Flagler County Humane Society. I emailed her about two weeks ago and in a few days received an email. When letting her know I was a high school writing a research paper...
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