Animal Testing

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Draize test Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: November 7, 2012
General purpose:to persuade
Specific Purpose:to persuade my audience that animal testing should be abandoned. Organizational Pattern: problem solution
I. Attention Getter: 115 million animals are used in laboratory experiments around the world each year,19.5 million of them are killed and 68 percent of them are dogs are cats, that means 13.4 million of dogs and cats put to death each year! II. Credibility Statement: I'm against animal testing since I know it, I've participate in many anti animal testing activities, I've read biologists' articles and news about it and I would like to share the information with you. III. Relating to the Audience: Modern times many family consider a dog or a cat a member of their family and i believe many of your family have dogs and many products you used are involved animal testing. IV. Thesis Statement: Animal testing is not only morally unacceptably but also useless, it has to be stoped and new testing methods should be utilized. V. Main point preview: Today, i will discuss the cruel history of animal testing, then i ll tell you why animal testing is useless and the solution of testing products without animal experimentation. Transition:Now you know the topic of my speech, I'll first talk about the cruel history of animal testing.

I. Animals were treated poorly by testing human products in history. A: The Draize Test is an eye irritancy test done on rabbits. (KR,2001) B: The LD50 test determines the dosage of a substance that will kill 50% of the animals given that dosage. (Bitz, 2010) C: The Acute toxicity test can does massive damage to tested animals.(Walum, 1998)

Transition: now you know how people treated animals in history next I will tell you some facts about animal testing.

II. According to many researches, the results of animal tests rarely maches with human beings. A: 95% of drugs passed by animal tests are dangerous to humans. (Vegan, 2007) B: According to animal...
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