Animal Testibg

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Animal testing

Living in this world, there are numerous organizations debating whether or not animal testing should be banned. Being such a controversial subject it leaves civilization today with both many pros and cons to animal testing, with some people for and some against. However, animal testing does result in medical advancements and less human-based experiments it still is an unethical way of researching and practices animal cruelty. Some experts in the subject believe there are alternatives to testing on animals that would provide a more realistic way to experiment.

Animal Testing and what it is

Animal testing refers to the experimentation conveyed out on a variety of animals for research. They are used in different types of experiments to evaluate the efficiency and safety of every single thing from medication to household products. Testing on Animals has impacted the world by providing a tremendous amount of discoveries like cancer treatments, drugs, and antibiotics. It has also provided countless of not so much needed ones such as cosmetics, personal care products, and household cleaning products. The knowledge it commits to is very broad and is conducted practically everywhere in the world, from university’s to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. It is an influential subject and the biases on each side can twist an authentic definition of the practice. The people who are against it may reply that animal testing creates pain and suffering for the animals that are used. Those that support animal testing may base their definition on how it uses animals for essential experimentation to benefit humans, saves lives, and provides important medical treatments (AMP, 2013).

Supporting Animal Testing

In countless of ways it has indeed contributed to the world. Humans are biologically very similar to other mammals. All mammals, like humans, have the same organs that work in the same way, controlled by the bloodstream and nervous system....