Animal Rights. Essay

Topics: Animal rights, Animal, Extinction Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: August 10, 2012
The idea that we are all born with rights, such as life, power of choice and happiness are the main aspects of our daily lives. However, many of us humans inconsiderately forget that animals also deserve these equal rights also. Animals are entitled to a painless, content life in their own natural environments. Animals should also not be exploited for experimental use nor detained in small cages. These actions are simply injustice and deprive the poor animals of their well-deserved rights. I firmly believe that this is unacceptable and we humans should find humane alternatives to these filthy acts of harm immediately! Many animals around the world live under the care of humans rather than living in the wild. This is often referred to as living under captivity. These animals do not have a choice in where they want live as a result of humans invading their natural habitats and capturing them and taking them to zoos and animal parks, animals do not deserve to be encaged and taken from their homes in this nature. The major problem with zoos is that the animals which live there are kept in enclosures that do not allow them to live their life in a natural way. No matter how big the animal enclosure is, or how much flora they place in the cages, no matter how beautiful they make the paintings on the wall, they do not compare to the natural habitat the animals were supposed to be. Zoo animals have to spend day after day, week after week in the exact same enclosure. This makes their lives very boring and monotonous, how would you enjoy being imprisoned in the same room for years upon years? For instance, elephants are very social animals they enjoy travelling extensive distances in herds. However when in zoos elephants are kept in pairs or alone. Their enclosures are small considering that they love travelling and roaming around. Zoos are definitely not the right place for animals, they do not have any privacy as they are constantly watched by people, and they also...
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