Animal Rights 18

Topics: Human, Nutrition, Suffering Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: July 1, 2011
Do human beings have any obligations to other animals, in terms of their treatment? If it is wrong to treat animals cruelly, why is it not wrong to eat them? Explain if, and how, you think humans can find a balance between treating animals ethically while also raising them for food and for other reasons, such as the testing of pharmaceuticals.

This is an interesting question for me. I am an animal lover and really hate to see animals mistreated or abused, but I sure love to eat meat. I am not a hunter but I will eat almost any kind of meat you put in front of me. I will at least try it and if I do not like it, I just won’t eat it anymore. So for me to maintain this way of life, I have to imagine that these wonderful meats just magically appear on my dinner table. I refuse to think about how they got there or what kind of life they lived before they made it all the way to Apopka Florida. If I knew anything about how that particular animal met its end, it would make me sad. I think there are a lot of people in this country that think that way.  We sort of turn a blind eye to certain things as long as the result benefits us in some way. It does not stop at meats obviously but that is a whole other post for a different class.    Animals have feelings, every single one of them. We would be ignorant to think they don’t. With that said, nature does have an order and we are at the top of a very long food chain. Every species of animal relies on another animal or plant for survival. It is simply how nature works. We must respect that. The only way we can balance our moral beliefs with Mother Nature’s order, is to respect our prey and treat them humanely until the moment they are needed for food. As humans, we have decided that some animals will be companions and not dinner. We should absolutely treat those companions as we would our friends.    There are obvious exceptions to that rule. One for instance is food. My dog loves human food, but their stomachs cannot...
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