Animal Rights

Topics: Animal rights, AIDS, Animal testing Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: April 21, 2013
“Animal Rights”

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“Does the super power of humans give us the right to keep animals captive.” (Animal Experimentation pg.1) Some people in the world think that it is alright to harm animals for humans own personal gain. The Animal Rights Act is a wide spread act, effecting people of all races and culture. In the United States there is testing done on animals every day. The three major problems that concern animal rights are the experimentation on animals, animal experimentation is never justified and medical research, and the right to live (speciesim). Most experiments that involve animals are cruel and very inhumane. Some of the experiments are long and painful to the animals and most of the experiments led to there own deaths. But in the world of medical research animal experimentation grows with animal experimentation. Still Animals must have the right to live life just like humans do. To begin with, animal experimentation on all animals is a horrible thing. “We can’t justify harming or killing a human being.” (Animals are Equal pg.3) So how can we humans justify harming animals that are, are most trusted allies and friends. “Humans like to think of themselves as the most important and valuable species on earth.”(Animals are Equal pg.4) Mostly they do not give a reason for this belief in humans. Even though the resent medical research involves animal experimentation it has proven very effective. Scientists have found ways to slow down the effects of some cancers and are at this very moment trying to sustain the Aids virus. But by trying to sustain the aids virus, the

scientists are harming baboons to try and find a cure. ( In December 1995, Aids patient Jeff Getty underwent an experimental treatment that involved injecting bone marrow cells from a baboon into his...
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