Animal Research?

Topics: Need, Want, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Eka Ekpo
October, 30,2012
Mrs.Melodie Douglas-Jones
6th Period/ English II

Margaret Lewin should keep Isaiah as a child for now in his life. When Isaiah gets older in life, and is able to understand knows the truth of the story he can choose to live with either his biological mother or adopted mother.

Khalia Doesn’t Deserve to have isaiah back in her life . she was a ex drug user , she maybe have been clean for three(3) years but that is a short period of no drugs and it would be easier to get back on the drugs. she already made him a crack baby , then did crack around the baby and left him in a alley in a box because she wanted to get a hit . she needs to think back on what she did. She also needs to learn a lesson from the mistake she made .Maybe later she can get isaiah back when he gets older . I did not support the judge on his decision it wasn’t right .it would be nice to be raised by your biological mother but of the situation it should be better to be in a positive environment by being raised by the adopted mother.

Maragret Lewin is a better choice to keep Isaiah . she was their for him when in need. She raised him to already know that she was his mother. Isaiah was to young to change his mind of who his mother was. She kept him in a better environment and raised him better than khalia would have. She kept him as her main priority in her life and made sure he was okay at all times. Khalia at her time of having isaiah didn’t treat him correctly even tho she was a crackhead. When she received him back he didn’t believe to stay with khalia. He ignored her and didn’t want to speak. Later on khalia gave him back to Margaret. That when he gets older he could go back to khalia.

When Isaiah gets older he can chose where he wants to live. Isaiah may not understand the difference between the person he call mother and who they tried to force him to stay with which is his mother. But later on in life when he is able to understand. He will then...
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