Animal Rehab

Topics: Animal rights, Wildlife management, Animal welfare Pages: 7 (3019 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Rehabilitating Animals
What exactly is animal rehabilitation? The meaning of rehabilitation is to help restore something/someone so that it/they can hopefully readapt to life. Rehabilitating animals usually occurs through veterinarian care, building trust, creating companionship, and even recreating their habitat in the case of wildlife. There are different reasons for rehabilitating animals. The main reasons are injury, sickness, abandonment, or abuse. When it comes to wildlife, environmental dangers such as destruction of their habitat, getting hit by vehicles, orphaned or abandoned babies, and birds that have fallen from their nest, are more likely to be the cause. (Rehabilitating Animals) Requirements for obtaining jobs that work with animals are somewhat extensive yet, in some ways, simple. Some knowledge in biology and animal anatomy is needed to make sure to have a good understanding of the animal’s body and environment. Animal rehabilitators need to have extensive knowledge of the different species they will be working with. They also need to know a decent amount about their habitats and what they need in order to survive on their own in the wild. There are many jobs associated with caring for animals. Some of these are wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, animal rehabilitators for pets and farm animals, and wildlife managers. Many wildlife rehabilitators are members of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association and/or the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. Being a member of one or both of these helps rehabilitators to do more for the wildlife than what they do as part of their careers. (Wildlife Rehabilitation as a Career) Jobs like the ones mentioned above require a variety of different educational levels. Veterinarians have to go to college for four regular undergraduate years. During these first four years they take pre-vet courses along with the regular required classes for a bachelor’s degree. After they have completed these first four years, they must complete four more years of actual veterinarian training. Once all eight years of college are completed they are certified as a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine. (Veterinary Education Requirements by Profession Level) If planning to be a wildlife rehabilitator someone can take a six month online course to become certified. If they want to further their education they can always take additional classes like this and even train somewhere local. In order to become a wildlife manager a person must have a four year degree within discipline. When it comes to rehabilitating pets and farm animals a person can either get certified as a wildlife rehabilitator or a person can always train under someone that already does this type of work. So, even though all these careers have to do with animals, they all require different educational levels. (Career Details- Wildlife Manager ; Wildlife Rehabilitation as a Career) Most people that go into the field of rehabilitation for animals do it purely for making a difference in the animals’ lives. If the person truly cares about the outcome of the animal, then money should not be a factor in helping animals in need. This is a major aspect of animal rehabilitation because rehabilitator’s income, if any is received at all, is low to moderate. Most of the time this work is done voluntarily or as an extra on-the-side job. More than likely, the people that is working with the animals to rehabilitate them do it from the heart not for money. Whether it be lending a helping hand at a shelter or running a rescue center out of someone’s own pocket, there are several ways to help out. Since having the expenses is such an important part of running a shelter, it is more common for someone to lend a hand instead of actually running the shelter themselves. Any person can help out just by looking around their neighborhood, in the paper, on the internet, or other resources for places that care for animals and volunteer work is...
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