Animal Powered Transportation

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Animal-Powered Transportation
Transportation plays a major role in our lives. There are many kinds of transportations like: the human-powered transport, the animal-powered transport, air transport, road transport and water transport. Today I’ll be talking about the animal-powered transport how they domesticate animals for transportation and animal-powered vehicles. There are three kinds of animals trained for transportation: air animals, water animals and land animals. In the past, people have been using pigeons to send letters to their families and loved ones in faraway villages or countries. In wars, soldiers used pigeons to send information about the enemy. In water, people used dolphins to detect mines by attaching sonar that detects mines. They also used them to rescue lost or trapped humans. On land, people used animals to help them travel, fight in wars or carry their food. Like in India, they use the female elephant in travelling and the male elephant in wars. Camels have been used in wars throughout Africa, the Middle East and India. They have also used them as carriage animals instead of horses and mules. In America, England, Spain and French, traders used packhorses in transporting goods to market centers. There are many more animals used in transporting like the mule, llama, ostrich, sheep, dog and reindeer. People of this century use cars, trucks and trains which move by wheels to transport people and move heavy objects. But in the past, people used animals instead. They used a horse attached to a carriage or a wagon to move people to nearby places. They also attached it to a caravan for long trips. They also used animals to power other vehicles like the sled, trolley, cart and float. Animal-powered transportation is still used even today. Like the pigeon is still used to send letters and the horse still pulls wagons and carriages. Animals play a very important role in transportation in the past and today that’s...
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