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Topics: Law, Murder, Life imprisonment Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: June 29, 2012
Death penalty
It is a known fact that death penalty is widely practiced in many countries including Malaysia. Probably the government hope that by implementing such law could minimize the occurrence of such act that could have an adverse effect on the country’s sovereignty. It serves as an awareness for the people and could hinder them from committing such act that carries death penalty if they still want to see this amazing world. Before implementing death penalty law, definitely of course the government have made an in-depth study including analyzing feedback from all quarters. The law is only implemented after debating in parliament and being approved by the majority of the members parliament. In short, it is enforced after being undergoing intensive study from all angles the positive effect of it. In Malaysia, death penalty is still valid for drug traffickers and purposeful murdering. The government view that drug abuse could have an adverse effect on the country’s development if not controlled. As such all effort have to be done to ensure that the country is free from drugs. Among the measures taken is to enforce death penalty on drug traffickers upon convicted in court. In my opinion, there are pros and cons of implementing death penalty. We take drug abuse for the example. It is known that drug abuse could have an adverse effect in our health and it could even led to death. If the citizen is not healthy, how are they going to contribute towards nation building. We need healthy people to serve the country to ensure progress in all field. So all measures should be taken to ensure that the country is free from drug abuse. Spoiling others health is such a bad act. You are directly killing the others. So, by imposing death penalty upon those convicted, this could hinder the others from committing such act. Many citizen will become the victims of drug abuse if not fully under controlled by the government or it agency. Purposeful,...
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